Adding a Fitted Nose to Your Mask

In my last post I shared all about the masks I’ve been making and donating to a local urgent care clinic. I have been hard at work since then and have made and given out more than 250 masks! I’m so thankful to be able to make so many and help others out.

The clinic has no other masks available for patients to wear while waiting and are currently relying on my friend and I for their entire supply. When making those masks I’m focused on speed and quantity.

However I have had a chance to make a few masks for my family and friends and have tried out a few other techniques on them. One of which is adding something to the nose to get a better fit. I saw a photo where someone had used a bit of twill tape sewn on the inside and a bit of wire to make a fitted nose piece. I gave it a try over the weekend and was very happy with the results.

I pulled a piece of 5/8 inch wide ribbon from my stash and cut a 2.5 inch long piece and got to work. With the ribbon, a mask, and a pipe cleaner I was able to achieve a much better fit at the nose (which helps prevent glasses from getting fogged up!). I used my sewing machine, but this can definitely be hand sewn if you already have a mask and don’t have a sewing machine.

I show exactly how it’s done (and how easy it is!) in my video HERE!

I hope you all are staying safe and healthy! I’m going to get back to making even more masks and will see you next time. Happy Sewing!


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Sew & Chat – Making Masks to Donate

Join me for a sew and chat while I make masks to donate to local clinics. These masks were requested to pass out to non-covid 19 patients (people dealing with allergies and that sort of thing) to wear in the office as well as to take home and wear as needed. The clinic requested masks made from two layers of cotton fabric and ties. I am using stash fabrics, thread, and other supplies to make as many as I can.

In the video I show the steps of making this style of mask along with many helpful tips. I also am chatting about how daily life is looking for us right now. Below the video you can find the written directions for the masks and a affiliate links for the supplies I’m using. There are many, many ways to make masks, this is just the style I am making. Grab a project to work on and join me while I sew!

Mask details –

  • The body pieces are cut to 6 x 8.5 inches (I show in the video how cut the fabric to get the best use)
  • The ties are made from 2 inch by 36 inch strips of fabric or extra wide double fold bias tape cut to 36 inches
  • Place two pieces of prewashed cotton fabric right sides together (feel free to add additional layers I’m only using 2 because that is what was requested)
  • Sew along the two long edges, backstitching at the beginning and ending
  • Flip to the right sides and press so the seams are lined up with the folds
  • Make two pleats along the length of the mask, each about a half inch deep, and clip in place
  • Sew along the short sides to hold the pleats in place
  • If using fabric for the ties iron in each long side by about a half inch (or just a little less) then fold in half and press again
  • Find the center of the tie and place the side of the mask there so the raw edges are tucked between the layers
  • Add a few clips to hold in place Start at one end of the tie and sew along the open folded edge across where the mask is inserted and all the way to the other end
  • Repeat for the second tie
  • Clip the threads and press the pleats and your mask is complete
  • The ties allow the mask to fit a variety of sizes and can be trimmed later if they are too long

Supplies Used –

I hope you enjoyed this sew & chat! Stay safe and Happy Sewing!


How to Make a Preemie Memory Bear – Whitney Sews

Preemie Memory Bear tutorial from Whitney Sews

Over the past few years I have made over 50 memory bears, but last month I was given a preemie size sleeper and a few mismatch receiving blankets and had no idea what to do. The sleeper was super small (only 12 inches long!) and I had to figure out how to get the most use out of it for an 18 inch tall bear.

I spent an entire month trying to decide how to get the most material from the sleeper – but I was thinking within the same parameters I use for the rest of my bears. I finally realized I needed to go about making this bear in an entire different way. Instead of cutting into the outfit I would use it in its entirety and only add the bear’s head and arms to complete it.

I’ll be honest, this way of making a bear is not as straight forward and fool proof as making a regular memory bear. For a regular bear as long as you prep the right pieces and sew them in the correct order it will work out great. You can find my original bear tutorial HERE! The preemie bear I’m showing today is a little more fussy and fiddly to make, but DEFINITELY worth it if you have a very special preemie outfit.

Check out the entire video HERE to see exactly how the preemie bear is made!

I would love to know if you will be giving this type of memory bear a try! If you make this, or any other memory bear, I would love to see a picture. Please share one on the Whitney Sews Facebook page or tag me on Instagram!

Until next time, Happy Sewing!


All About Sewing Patterns – #ThePatternTag

One of my favorite sewing “supplies” are my sewing patterns!  I have close to 400 of them and they provide so much inspiration.  I love looking at the vintage patterns for classic styles and I pull different pieces from this one and that one for the costumes I make.  I thought it would be fun to make a tag video all about my patterns and share some of my favorites, most used, oldest, and many more.  I’ve been wanting to make this video for several months and finally had a chance to sit down on the floor and drag out the pattern crates on camera.

You can watch #ThePatternTag HERE!

A couple of years ago I shared a video showing EVERY pattern in my stash. I have purchased new patterns since then (and got rid of some as well), but the video is still a really good glimpse at my overall pattern stash. You can check it out HERE.

I’ve made a few other tag videos in the past. They are a fun way to get to know more about someone. You can find my favorite tag videos HERE.

I hope you enjoyed my pattern tag. I would love for you to do the tag yourself if you also have a sewing pattern stash. If you do make sure to use #ThePatternTag so I can find it. Until next time, Happy Sewing!


Sew & Chat – Cosplay Plans

This week I really wanted to share a new video, but wasn’t sure how I could get one filmed and edited while still making enough progress on my cosplay project. Then I thought of a fun idea – what if I film a chit chat style video WHILE working on my cosplay. So that is what I did!

Last week I started my big cosplay for the year and have been spending every spare moment working on it (especially since it ended up needed about 72 extra hours of unplanned work…more on that in the video). The cosplay is going really well and I wanted to share the character, my plans, and how I’m putting it together with you all.

Grab a sewing project of your own and do some sewing with me while I chat.

I actually really enjoyed making this video. It didn’t take much extra time to film or edit so I was still able to make some good progress on my project. Let me know if you enjoy this type of video and want to see more like it in the future.

I need to get back to my sewing now. Until next time, Happy Sewing!


January Update and Giveaway Winner

Last month I announced a Sewers Club box giveaway on my channel.

Today I’m sharing the winner who was randomly selected from all the eligible comments along with some updates.

I would to hear what you’ve been working on…maybe it will motivate me to get back to sewing! Also what are some plans or goals you have for this year? I’m going to try to teach my newly 5 year old how to sew. She wants to learn how to use a sewing machine soooo badly so I’m going to give her my old machine I got when I was about 15.

Until next time, Happy Sewing!


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Unboxing Sewing Packages & Giveaway

Over the past couple of months several companies have reached out to me inquiring if they can send their products to me to try. Many of them are not a good fit for me or my channel, but I did say yes to two of the companies. So today I wanted to show the sewing goodies I was sent. The items were provided for free, but I’m not being paid to talk about them.

The first item I received is a tailors clapper. I had never owned one before so was very interested in giving this one a try. I could tell right away the quality was great! The wood is incredibly smooth, so no rough spots to snag fabric. The grooves on the sides help the clapper fit nicely in my hand. I happened to be making my dungarees right after the clapper arrived, so it was the perfect project to test it on. The clapper helped the denim seams to lay nice and flat. I’m looking forward to using it on other projects in the future! You can find the clapper (along with more information) HERE!

The next package that showed up was a Sewers Club box. Sewers Club is a monthly subscription service. They deliver sewing projects right to your mailbox. The first thing I noticed was their adorable branding! As soon as I opened the box I was the card listing the items inside and their retail prices. I am always curious if subscription boxes are a good deal or not so I love how they list it all out with nothing to hid. Plus the box ships FREE within the U.S. and Canada.

The holiday box I received includes a panel print for a fun Santa apron as well as red material to line it with and a few other small items. You can use my affiliate link to save $5 off your first box! I also earn a percentage for referring you and it goes right back to creating sewing content for you to enjoy! You can find the link HERE!

The kind people at Sewers Club have kindly offered another box for a giveaway! Check out the video HERE to find out how to enter! *Make sure you leave your comment on the youTube video and not on this post*

Both items I shared would make great gifts for the sewers in your life (or yourself)! If you need some DIY gift inspiration check out my Handmade Holiday Gift Guide HERE!

Until next time, Happy Sewing!


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Handmade Holiday Gift Guide 2019

Handmade Holiday Gift Guide

It is that time of year again! Time for another Handmade Holiday Gift Guide! This is my 8th year sharing a gift guide full of ideas for projects you can make to gift this holiday season.  Each year there is a whole new batch of ideas with a step by step tutorial already looked on my youTube channel.

This year’s ideas range from a gift idea to another sewer in your life (or yourself!), some eco friendly gifts and wrapping ideas, decor, and more!

Click HERE for Christmas gift inspiration!

You can find all the tutorials mentioned in the video HERE!

Aaannnnnndd If you’re still needing some more inspiration you can find all my previous years gift guides HERE.

Phew, that was a lot of links and ideas! I would love to know what you are making this year for Christmas. Here’s a little “clue” as to what I’m working on for Skyler.

Handmade Blues Clues Costume

Until next time, Happy Sewing!


Making 1940s Inspired Dungarees

Making 1940s Dungarees

During Summer 2018 I decided I wanted to make a change to my style. I pretty much wore skinny jeans and t-shirts all the time, put zero effort into my hair, and just didn’t like how I looked or felt in my clothes. Then I started watching channels like Rachel Maksey and What Abi Makes and finding tons of people on Instagram who wear vintage/vintage inspired clothing on a daily basis. I kept thinking how amazing and confident they looked. I wanted to try vintage for myself and see if it helped me find myself and my style.

The first thing I did was make a trip to the thrift store. I looked for items that weren’t actually vintage, but could pass for ’40s when styled right. I also learned a couple of vintage hairstyles from a youTube video. Then I dove in and started trying out my “new” look. I LOVED it! I get compliments from random people, but most of all, I feel better about myself and how I look!

Thrift store clothing haul

So I’m sure you’re wondering what that has to do with today…well last Winter I resorted to wearing my same old skinny jeans and t-shirts every day because I didn’t have anything else that worked for the cold weather. My plan last Fall was to make a pair of dungarees from Simplicity 8447, but I never found the time to actually get them made.

So fast forward to this year. I don’t want to go through another Winter without wearing the clothes I feel best in. Since I have slowed down from youTube I have had the time to tackle some of my personal projects – one of which is the dungarees from Simplicity 8447. I whipped up the first pair over the course of two days with 8-9 working hours. I LOVE them and wore them five days in a row!

wearing 1940s style everyday

As I wore the dungarees I found a few details I wanted to change to improve on a second pair. So two weeks after making the first pair I made another! It is so rare for me to have the time to take on two clothing items like this in such a short time frame!

I made the desired changes and altered the pattern for a better fit and they turned out exactly how I wanted!

In today’s video I’m sharing a Sew & Tell about the process of making both pairs of dungarees along with a pattern review for Simplicity 8447. You can watch it HERE!

If you give this pattern a try please share a pic to my Facebook page or tag me on Instagram! I hope you enjoy this style of video, I really enjoyed chatting all about my dungarees. Until next time, Happy Sewing!


This is a Hard Week For Me…

I have been posting on youTube weekly (sometimes twice a week!) for the past ten and a half years! There are countless hours upon hours of time and energy I pour into my tutorials each week. I love being able to reach people all over the world and inspire them to create amazing things.

But I have come to a point where I feel like I am no longer creating amazing things for myself. I spend every spare moment of time (when I’m not homeschooling my kids, cooking, sleeping, etc) working on youTube videos. Planning projects, filming, editing, etc. That leaves ZERO time to work on things for me. Projects I don’t want to film and just get to enjoy making. Earlier this year I made my “big cosplay” for the year and it took me 4 months to make when it really should have only taken 2 or 3 weeks. I have several dream cosplays (and other types of projects) I really want to make. I get very excited about them and start planning what all needs to be done…then begin to talk myself out of them before I ever even start. I realize if my other cosplay took 4 months and didn’t involve any mockups and things went smoothly I know I will never have time to make other projects that WILL need mockups and require all sorts of techniques I’ve never done before.

I’m tired of telling myself no when it comes to things I really want to do. I don’t want to grow old and think back on my life and wish I would have dressed up with my kids more, made the costumes I was excited about, and done more fun things when I could have. This all came to head a couple of months ago when my website crashed and was down for about a week. I didn’t post a video that week because I couldn’t get the accompanying PDF up on my site. During that week I realized how stressed I was on a regular basis to the point that I wasn’t even sure I wanted to continue with any of it.

But I know there is no way I could walk about from youTube! I have so many amazing viewers I love interacting with. I love seeing what you all are creating, I love being able to teach people all around the world! So I’m not quitting; but I am slowing down. I just can’t keep up with posting every single week any longer. I’m going to work on the projects that make me happy and post videos when I can. I have a feeling I’ll fall into a rhythm of a video every other week after a while. The videos themselves won’t all be tutorials. Some will be tutorials, others will be pattern reviews, or just sewing related chit chats. I might eventually get back to weekly videos, but no guarantees.

Since making my decision to cut back I already completed one project I had planned on making a year ago. For an entire year I never had a chance to make one pair of 1940s style dungarees. A week and a half ago I decided it was now or never. I didn’t want to go through another winter without them. So I spent 8 or 9 hours working on them (over the course of two days) and I LOVE them! They are my current favorite clothing item and I’ve worn them at least 5 times already. I will have a video all about the dungarees (pattern review, things I love, things I didn’t quite love, etc) and it will be up…when I get a chance.

But for now I do have this week’s video where I pour my heart out even more than I have in this post already. You can watch it HERE!

So, long story short. I need to take some time for me to do some happy sewing. You can find me on Facebook and Instagram in the meantime where I will post more day to day and current project updates. I will see you when I see you and in the meantime I hope you are doing what makes you happy! Happy Sewing!