Plans, Your Opinions, and Rainbows

Hi everyone!  I wanted to do a quick little post to get some input from you all and share a sneak peek at a project I’m working on.

I have been very into quilting lately.  I started designing quilts when I was 18 (11 years ago!), but at the time didn’t have enough sewing knowledge to really understand how to turn my designs into reality.  I have been looking back at those designs and now can easily figure out the measurements, sewing order, etc that had so easily stumped me before.

So needless to say I now want to make all the quilts!


Scrappy Chevron Tutorial.

Over the years I have gotten TONS of requests for PDFs that go along with my video tutorials, especially for larger projects like quilts.  That way the PDF can be printed or saved on a computer/tablet and referred to much easier than clicking back on a video over and over.  Now that I have relaunched my website I have been adding some of the extra details and things here.  I still do understand the need/want for PDFs for certain projects that involve lots of steps or pieces, however, creating PDFs would take a lot of extra time and work.

I want to create the very best content and how-tos possible because I love teaching people how to create.  But I spend a lot of time and money on my videos, this site, etc and make very little in return.  It is definitely not all about the money, but I do want to help support my family and to be honest a lot of the time I’m earning less than it costs to keep Whitney Sews up and running.

I have been on youTube sharing free video tutorials for over seven years and have been a youTube partner for six years.  Lots of people think once you’re a partner you’re on the money train, but that just ins’t the case.  I’ll be 100% open with you all.  In seven years on youTube I have earned less than I made in six months at my last full time job (and that’s before I take out all my costs for equipment, supplies, and web hosting).  The reason I have continued to create new how-tos and videos is because of you all!  Every time you subscribe, comment, like, share, etc it lets me know that someone is out there watching and appreciating what I do!  You all are my motivation!


So back to the PDFs…

If I create PDFs for some of my future projects (mostly quilts or bags) containing cutting directions, patterns, extra details and tips, etc to accompany the video tutorial would you all be interested in them?  Would you still be interested if there was a small charge ($2-5 depending on project difficulty) for the PDF?  This would be a way to help support my channel and insure that I can continue to create new, one-of-a-kind content for you all for many years to come.  I really want your input so I know what you all are thinking!

*If you are receiving this as an email newsletter please respond as a comment on instead of replying in an email.  The reply emails go to an account that is not checked regularly*

I hope I’m conveying my thoughts well here.  I am in no way asking/begging for money! I’m just trying to figure out how to offer you all valuable content in a way that works for everyone.  I also hope to be able to someday provide financially for my family while still doing what I love!

I hate having to think about finances at all, but that is how the world is run.  But I want you all to know that I appreciate every single one of you!  Every time I read a comment about someone learning something new or trying a new project or seeing a photo of something you made it makes me so happy and I know this is what I’m supposed to be doing!  I went through a few times in college where I dealt with some minor depression, but I honestly have not had any more since creating Whitney Sews and you all are to thank for that!  I have had the pleasure of teaching people all over the world how to sew (via youTube) and have challenged myself countless times to learn new skills and create new projects so I could then teach them to you!

There are a couple of ways you can give back and support my channel at no cost to you!  The first is by liking, sharing, pinning, etc any of my videos and tutorials that you like and sharing pics of what you make on your favorite social media site with #WhitneySews.  This helps other people find my how-tos which helps my channel and website to grow.  The second way to support is through Amazon.


If you are going to be purchasing ANY items from Amazon please use my affiliate link to do so.  It does not cost you any extra, but it allows me to earn a small percentage from Amazon .  So if you’re already planning on ordering something (Christmas gifts, tablet, knitting needles, phone case, clothes, ANYTHING) from Amazon and you use my link you will be helping support future Whitney Sews tutorials!

Affiliate link –


Ok, enough of the series financial talk.  Some of you may know that I LOVE things in color order!  I have an entire board on Pinterest called Sewing the Rainbow!  In the past I have made a few rainbow projects, but now it seems that a lot of projects I’m designing work best in color order.  So I have finally given into it and am tackling my first large scale rainbow project!  It is a quilt that incorporate 24 colored fabrics in rainbow order as well as white!  So 25 different fabrics total!

Charming Rainbows Fabric

Here is a sneak peek of the 24 fabrics I chose for the blocks!  There are four of each color and I can’t get enough of how lovely they look together!  I am also proud that I have such a well rounded stash that I only had to go out and buy a few new fabrics for this project.  This best part about this project is it is perfect for scraps, yardage, fat quarters, or precuts (and doesn’t actually have to be made in rainbow colors).

I have currently cut all my fabrics and sewed the blocks, all that’s left is to put the blocks into rows and sew the rows together and the quilt top will be complete.  The entire quilt top can be cut and sewn in 3-4 hours (even faster if starting with precuts!) and will finish to be around a baby quilt size.  I hope to actually back, quilt, and bind the quilt before posting the tutorial (my first time machine quilting), but if that is going to take too long I will post the quilt top tutorial, then the finishing parts in a separate video.

Charming Rainbows Fabric

The design inspiration came from this table runner I saw on Pinterest and pinned to my Quilt Projects board!

Phew…I think that is all for today.  Please remember to leave me a comment about the questions I asked  any other feedback you want to offer.  Also don’t forget to save the Amazon affiliate link if you’re planning on doing any shopping.  On Wednesday I’ll have a new post about the cosplay I created earlier this summer.  Until then, Happy Sewing!



  1. Chelle says:

    I think everything you make and your willingness to share your talents is such an inspiration to others. I love the bright colours of your quilt, I have quilt making on my “some day” list to do.

    As for your question about charging for pdf’s, I don’t see anything wrong with it, your time and resources are being applied to it that could be applied to other areas of your life and your family. I’m sure those that appreciate all you do will support you in your decision either way

  2. Megalodon says:

    I have bought online printable PDFs before, and I think you would do well if you created some.
    It’s obvious to me that you spend a LOT of time on your videos. I mean the editing alone must take ages. Yours are much more clear and professional than most on YouTube, which keeps me coming back!

    I can tell with the recent changes to your website (loving it btw!!) and the regular 2 videos a week that you are taking this Whitney Sews journey to the next level. I think you should definitely expect to make at least a small living out of all the time and effort you’re putting into this.

    When I have purchased online PDFs, usually the photography of the finished project is really good, and the project itself looks quite professional. In general the project is fairly simple, and not too specialized or overwhelming. The project is done in bright colours (which I’m drawn to). I would spend up to 10$ for a fairly simple PDF and instructions.

    I think some of your paper pieced block designs would make nice PDFs. Your busy book designs might do well too. Of course the quilting will appeal to many people!

    I’ve noticed that things for children are good sellers. I didn’t start sewing until I had kids, and I know many people who did the same. I just wasn’t interested in sewing when I was younger, but having kids made me want to sew for them.

    I would use your Amazon affiliate link, but I don’t live in the USA! The affiliate link doesn’t work for Amazon in my country. Will share and pin! Good luck!

  3. Elaine Emanuel says:

    Honestly, with the amount of time, money, and love you spend on everything while also having a family, charging -5 is way more than generous. (FYI – I thought you expressed your ideas/thoughts very well. I didn\’t feel like you were asking for donations or begging for money at all.) You provide an amazing outlet for our creativity by sharing yours. I have always loved everything you have put together for us! I am excited about the idea of being able to purchase patterns/tutorials from you! I can\’t wait to see what this quilt top looks like, too!

  4. Katheryn Seick says:

    Hi Witney, I enjoy your teasing very much. Personally I use my phone to get your instru tions and measurments, so I don\’t use PDF because that takes too much space & usage of my data.Though I do believe your request is fair to request to dollars, I would not be able to use your sight. Money is a problem right now for me, as I can not use odd to down load the patter. I will have to go some where else. I apprecial all your efforts belie e me..Have a great day!

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