Women’s Land Army Inspired Style

Women's Land Army Inspired Outfit

Ever since I started dabbling in vintage style I have been trying to put together a Women’s Land Army inspired outfit.  The second world war is my favorite time period to read and study about so of course I want recreate the fashion!

I have been on the hunt for the perfect green sweater for a few years…this means I’ve ended up with  a LOT of thrifted, not quite right, green sweaters in my closet.  Good thing I like green…  I finally found a couple that really fit the look.  During all that time I never thought much about what I would be wearing WITH the green sweater.  

Today I was looking through my closet and noticed a pair of pants I made a couple of years ago.  They were a practice pair to test a pattern to make sure the fit was right.  (I later used the same pattern to make THESE dungarees).   I used this horrible orange-y brown fabric that I had picked up SUPER cheap at a thrift store.  I didn’t plan on finishing the mock up pants so I didn’t want to use anything nice.  Well, the pants ended up looking pretty good, but were still made from that horrible orange-y fabric.  

Handmade Vintage Style Pants Simplicity 8447

I decided to give the pants one last chance…and apparently the one color they look ok with is dark green.  The same dark green as my Women’s Land Army inspired sweater!  I added my vintage inspired lace up boots (which also hids the fact that I never hemmed the pants) and the outfit was complete.  I absolutely love the entire look!  

I will definitely be wearing these pants again now that I know what to pair them with.  Glad I didn’t get rid of them awhile back like I had considered.   Hope you enjoyed!  Happy Sewing!