The Ultimate Guide to Pricing Memory Bears

In 2018 I posted my first memory bear video sharing step by step how to sew a memory bear. I also shared a handful of other bear making videos with additional tips and information. More than 500,000 people have watched to learn how to make bears. The number one question I get now, pertaining to bears, is how much to charge for them. So today I’m sharing my ultimate guide to pricing memory bears.

When I started my memory bear sewing business I had to decide on a price to charge for my bears. I came up with a system for pricing that worked well for me. It all starts with making a practice bear.

Step by step memory bear tutorial

In all my bear sewing videos I encourage making a practice bear. It allows the sewer time to learn the pattern and make any mistakes that will be made, before cutting into irreplaceable materials. But the practice bear isn’t only for gaining confidence with the sewing pattern, it is also to time exactly how long it takes to sew a bear.

When I’m sewing I can guess how long it takes me to make something, but my guess is usually wrong. I will forget to account for how long hand sewing takes or the time spent ironing on interfacing. You want an accurate number for how many hours you spend making something (this works for other handmade items, not just bears). Your time is valuable and you deserve to be paid for ALL your time spent working.

Time EVERY step – from planning the cutting layout to the very last stitch. Then you are ready to start figuring out how to price your bears.

I explain everything in the video linked HERE. Give it a watch and let me know what you think.

Does the guide in my video help you price your memory bears? If so please share this post so others will see it. Until next time, Happy Sewing!