Memory Pillow or Pillow Shams

Whitney Sews

I get asked quite often if I make memory pillows or will show how to make them.  Today I wanted to share why I don’t make memory pillows.

Pillow shams can be

*washed and dried as needed

*changed as often as wanted

*stored in a small space.

This allows someone to own only a few pillows, but shams for every holiday, occasion, etc.

Step by step tutorial from Whitney Sews

Pillows are

*harder to wash and dry

*larger to store

*can get lumpy or compacted as time goes on

Those reasons are why I always encourage people to consider memory pillow shams instead of memory pillows.  They want to preserve a special article of clothing from a loved one, so it would make sense to do so in a way that will last the longest.

Today I wanted to show one of the easiest ways to make a pillow sham.  It incorporates the original closures from the clothing (zipper or buttons) as the closure on the sham.  See the step-by-step tutorial HERE!


So what do you think?  Do you prefer memory pillows or pillow shams??

Want even more memory sewing inspiration?!?  I have an entire playlist full of ideas HERE!

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I’ll be back next week with another new video.  Until next time, Happy Sewing!