Homemade Burritos – Freezer Meal

There are always days when we can all use a quick and easy recipe.  I love to cook, but sometimes no matter how much I plan and prep I just need to throw together and get food on the table.  For those times I like to have some of my homemade burritos in my freezer.

I make a large batch of burrito filling around a meal time and make as many burritos as I can.  Then whatever isn’t eaten goes straight into the freezer for the next busy day.

I started making this type of burritos a few months ago.  I had a ton of tortillas and beans that I wanted to use up.  I had also recently organized my kitchen cabinets and came across our George Foreman grill (a wedding gift I rarely remembered to use) and was determined to put it to more use.  I came up with a quick and easy, but tasty, meal.

Click HERE to see how to make these easy burritos!

I’ve probably made 7 or 8 batches of burritos in the past few months!  Each batch has been different because I like to throw in leftovers to help stretch the meal.  There’s a list below of some ingredients that are perfect to throw in.

Ground beef
Beans (black beans are my favorite!)
Shredded pork
Leftover thick chili
Leftover goulash

Easy and delicious burritos - GREAT FREEZER MEAL!

Here’s the grill I use – George Foreman G Broil.  It is quick to heat up and only takes about 5 minutes to give the burritos their crispy grilled marks!

Ok, after all this talk about food I’m starting to get hungry!  I really do hope you will make a batch of these burritos…you won’t regret it!  I’m going to find myself a snack then do a little bit of sewing.  Coming up next week is a project made using your sewing machine, for your sewing machine.  Until then, Happy Sewing!


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