DIYs We Use Weekly or Monthly at Our House

A few weeks ago I shared a post where I talked a little bit about the large number of DIY tutorials I’ve shared on my channel.  With over 700 videos on my channel it makes sense that people want to know what I do with all those projects.  The truth is that I sold some, gave some away, threw a few away…but a lot of them I still use!  You can see what DIYs I use EVERY SINGLE DAY in this video.  Many of you wanted to know about the other DIYs that we don’t use every single day, but still use on a weekly or monthly basis.

Click HERE to find out what handmade items we use at our house each week or monthly.

Were there any tutorials on the list that you haven’t watched yet?!?  You can find all of them in a playlist right HERE!

Want to see my favorite sewing supplies and other items I use on a regular basis?!?  You can find them HERE!

What DIY items do you use regularly? Also, what are your favorite sewing supplies? I would love to know!

Until next time, Happy Sewing!