Not So Featured Friday

Some of you all may have noticed that there wasn’t a Feature Friday post last week.  Feature Friday is not necessarily an ever week event, but I had planned one for last week.  However we needed to go out of town unexpectedly for a family funeral and I got a little behind on writing and editing.  I’m still a little behind, so there isn’t a full Feature Friday this week either.  There is however tons of new Saturday content on my youTube channel I wanted to talk about.

If you don’t already follow my youTube channel you definitely should!  I post about all my Wednesday videos here on, and include extra details and links that doesn’t fit into the videos.  But I also upload a new video {almost} every Saturday.  My Saturday videos are usually hauls, channel updates, or something to do with my family.  Whereas my Wednesday videos are how tos, DIY inspiration, cosplay, or sewing tips and tricks.

Thrifting Haul from Whitney Sews


As you can see, my mom has joined me for a few videos this summer which has been a ton of fun!  (You’ll see just how much fun in a couple of weeks when I post a Saturday Blooper reel of our silliness).

HERE‘s a link to my entire Haul/Unboxing Playlist if you want to check out all the awesome deals we have found.

Tomorrow’s video is actually something different.  It is part two of my Sewing Machine Showcase series.  My mom and I own several beautiful vintage machines so I want to take the time to show each of them off in their own little video.  This week’s Showcase is all about the Singer Featherweight 221!  There will be a video showing beautiful, slow motion footage of my mom’s Featherweight, along with a corresponding blog post here with tons of extra details and information about Singer Featherweights. I will also link to an amazing site where you can get a certificate of ownership for your vintage Singer.

Well, there you have it….my Un-Feature Feature Friday 😉  I hope this has given you a few videos to watch or rewatch today and something to look forward to seeing tomorrow.  Until then, Happy Sewing!