Puff Pillow DIY Inspiration

I recently went to my parents house and noticed an interesting pillow I had never seen before.  Turns out it was a project my mom made when she was a teenager!  It was a long forgotten project that my grandmother found again earlier this year. It is such a fun looking project that I wanted my mom to talk about it in a video.

Puff Pillow DIY Inspiration from Whitney Sews and Mom


The best part about the puff pillow is that each of the fabrics have such a history to them.  Most of the fabrics were scraps left over from my mom and grandmother’s sewing projects and a few are from actual clothes that were cut up after they had gotten plenty of use.

Without further ado, check out the entire DIY Inspiration video HERE!

Coming Saturday is a hilarious video full of all the bloopers my mom and I had while filming this video and our Log Cabin Quilt DIY Inspiration video.  Trust me, you don’t want to miss it 😉  Until then, happy sewing!