Lined Tote With Outer Pockets

It’s pretty safe to say that bags with pockets are the most highly requested tutorials!  So I am here today to teach you how to make a tote bag with outer pockets.  I will have other types of bags and pockets in future how tos.

This bag features a pocket on the front and back of the bag with piping at the top edges.  I chose to use 5 different fabrics on mine because I’m using only fabrics from my stash (see more about that challenge here).  I think it gave the bag a fun, colorful look, but you can use as few as 2-3 fabrics.  I also show a different way to make fully finished straps that I have never shown before.

Check out the full video tutorial HERE!

Like the structure of my tote bag?!?  I do too!  It’s all because of the Bosal In-R-Foam Plus double sided fusible stabilizer that I used.  I really love the structure the foam gives to bags and other projects, but it is still easy to sew through.  You can fuse fabrics onto both sides of the foam as long as you have your iron’s steam turned off.  I forgot to turn the steam off so I did have a little difficultly with the double sides, but it was user error on my part.  You can see this on the yellow side where it is a little rippled looking.  There is a single sided version that would also work great for this project if you don’t want to deal with the fusible on both sides.

Once you have your stabilizer and fabrics selected you are ready to start cutting out all the bag parts.  Below is a chart you can PIN to refer back to when cutting your pieces for the bag.

Here’s how all your pieces should look after they are cut.  Then you are ready to start sewing.

If you chose to use piping like I did you will need two pieces measuring at least 13 inches each.

Below is a list of all the supplies I used for this project if you want to check them out-

Bosal In-R-Foam -
Craft clips (small and large) -
Fiskars Rotary Cutter -
Dritz Cutting Mat -
Omnigrid Rulers -

What other kinds of projects do you want to see how tos for??  Make sure to come back next Wednesday for another new DIY.  Until then, Happy Sewing!





  1. Mariann Zink says:

    Whitney. Is it possible to insert handles between the layers instead of on top of bag and still use your final method of sewing all pieces together with lining as you have done

    • Whitney says:

      Yes, I have a tote bag playlist on youTube you can check out. I show adding handles that way in a few of the videos.

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