DIYs Used Daily at Our House

I started making youTube videos 9 years ago…that means there are currently 726 videos on my channel!  That means I have made lots and lots of DIYs.  So I get questions on occasion (understandably!) about what I do with all the things I make for tutorials.  For the first few years of youTube I sometimes made DIYs that I thought other people wanted to see, instead of things I was truly interested in making.  After a while I realized the only way I was going to stay excited and happy with my channel and my videos was to make things I’m interested in making and the right people will find my channel.  Surprise…that works!  I have been on youTube longer than any job, any relationship, or anything else in my life and I’m currently less than 8,000 subscribers away from 100,000 (more on that later)!

Lately instead of trying to do what I think will perform well or be popular I make what makes me happy, or I make things that are useable and fills a need.  This is why my tutorials tend to skip around in theme – quilts for a month or two, then memory bears for a month or so, then on to something else.  Anyway, my point is I try not to make things that don’t serve a purpose.  That purpose may be a literal purpose, such as a bib or cloth pads that get used all the time or to teach a new technique or skill, unlike THIS video that had no purpose and was only made because I thought people wanted more t-shirt recons and the finished item went in the trash a few days later.

So I guess that’s a long story to say the answer to what I do with the projects I make is use them!  We use a lot of my DIYs in everyday life at our house.  I actually went around the house recently and made a list of every handmade item I noticed and share that list with you all in this week’s video.  I’m sure the list doesn’t include everything, but it will give you an idea of DIYs we use EVERY single day at our house.

Check out the full video HERE!

Were there any tutorials on the list that you haven’t watched yet?!?  You can find all of them in a playlist right HERE!

There are even more things that we use regularly, but not every single day.  If you’re interested in seeing a video of all the DIY items we use on a weekly basis, let me know and I can do a part 2.

Want to see my favorite sewing supplies and other items I use on a regular basis?!?  You can find them HERE!

What DIY items do you use every day? Also, what are your favorite sewing supplies? I would love to know!

Until next time, Happy Sewing!