Cloth Pads DIY

This is a tutorial I’m so excited to share!  I started making my own cloth pads about a year ago to use some flannel scraps from my stash and to see if I liked the idea of reusable pads.  We already use cloth diaper for our two kiddos, so it made sense for me to ditch disposables too!

Over the course of a few weeks I made 6 or 7 different patterns to see what size, shape, etc I preferred.  I also tried out a few different materials and levels of absorbency in the pad’s soaker.

After I year of using cloth I can safely say I LOVE them!  They are more comfortable than disposable pads and cheaper because I only used fabrics from my stash.  Plus there are TONS of options for materials to fit your needs and budget!  You can obviously buy pad specific materials (like zorb), pull fabrics from your stash (such as flannel), or upcycle items you no longer need (like flannel receiving blankets, old towels, etc).

BTW these pads aren’t just for your menstrual cycle, they can also be used for any sort of bladder incontinence or as a basic panty liner.  You can tailor the pads to suit your needs.

Since we can’t help what Mother Nature sends our way I am offering two of my favorite patterns for FREE!  You can find them on my shop page.  The first is a great daytime pad, especially for heavier days, and the second is a fantastic panty liner size.   So head over to the shop, download your FREE pattern, and check out the video to get started!

In the video tutorial I cover everything from material suggestions, step-by-step sewing instructions, and washing tips.

I mentioned a lot of items and resources in the video, they are all linked below for your convenience.

Supplies Used –
Craft Clips –
Snap Setter –
Microfiber Towels –
Zorb –
Zorb 2 –
Aurifil Thread –

Resources Mentioned in Video –
How to make a wet bag –
How to add snaps –
How to wash your pads –
Tips for fabric layering for soaker absorbancy –
How to make cloth diaper inserts –
How to transfer a pattern to thin plastic for durability –

Whew!  That was a lot to cover!  If you have any questions please leave them in the comments and I will post a second video if needed.  Until next time, Happy Sewing!