My Sewing Pattern Collection

I own a LOT of sewing patterns! I haven’t actually used very many of them (it’s a goal to start using more!) but they are so lovely and inspiring, especially the vintage and vintage reprints.  I thought it would be fun to dig out all my patterns and make a video showing EVERY single one of them!  This way you all can see them and I can easily reference it as well.

I had such a lovely time going through my stash and discovering some patterns I had forgotten about.  I hope you enjoy seeing my entire collections HERE!  A pair of little shears in the lower left corner of the screen notes that I have used that pattern.

I also posted a bonus video today answering some of the frequently asked questions about my sewing pattern stash.  I go over how my oldest, favorite, first used, and more!  You can see all my answers to your questions HERE!

I hope you enjoyed getting a glimpse at my patterns and what actually hides behind the “curtain” in all my videos 😉

Until next time, Happy Sewing!