McCall’s 6310 – Stitch by Stitch – Peyton’s “Shamu Dress”

If you’ve been around my channel for very long then you probably now that my oldest, Peyton, is OBSESSED with Shamu and all things orca related!  So when we found this adorable orca whale fabric at JoAnns she insisted I make her something from it.  I went through my HUGE pattern stash (you can see all of my patterns HERE!) and found McCall’s 6310.  I love how the bodice and neckband form a shape that resembles a whale tail.  This is the perfect pattern for this fabric!

The dress turned out exactly how I pictured and Peyton loves it!

For this week’s tutorial I’m showing step-by-step how I made Peyton’s Shamu dress using McCall’s 6310.  You can find that video HERE!

The smallest size on this pattern is a size 4 (about an inch larger than Peyton’s measurements), but I didn’t want to make any adjustments to the pattern sizing since it was my first time making it.  So after I finished the dress I folded a pleat in the back center under the loop and sewed a few hand stitches to keep it in place until Peyton gets bigger.

Let me know if you like videos like this and want to see more in the future.  Until next time, Happy Sewing!