DIY Letter Board Bag – Sewing How to

Letter board bag using velcro letters

I shared on my vlog channel recently that I had a set of velcro letters I had saved for over a decade.  The letters came with a t-shirt that had a large velrco patch on the front.  You could use the letters to spell out messages.  I wanted to repurpose the letters into something fun for my kids to play with.  Several people asked me to share a tutorial for whatever I made, so here is the letter board bag DIY!

One side of the bag has 4 rows of velcro where any message can be displayed and the other has a zipper pocket where the letters can be stored.

Letter Board Bag Sewing How to

The video also includes an easy way to make your own velcro letters.  Check out the full step by step tutorial HERE!

We are a homeschooling family, so I made this bag for my kids to practice spelling and reading, but it would be fun for anyone to carry as a clutch.

By the way, here’s those measurements again from the video in case you didn’t get them written down.

Letter Board Bag Measurements

What would you write on a bag like this?

Until next time, Happy Sewing!