Drawstring Bag with Circle Bottom

Whitney Sews Tutorial
I’ve been wanting to make this bag for so long, but to be honest, the math intimidated me.  Once I realized there were some easy formulas to follow to figure out the circle size and body size I jumped right in!  I guess those algebra and geometry classes really did have a purpose… This week I’m showing step by step how to sew a drawstring bag with a circle bottom.

There is a PDF that goes along with the video tutorial that covers the needed supplies, cutting details, and a worksheet with everything you need to customize the bag to any size you want!  You can find the PDF HERE or on Patreon as a reward for all my second tier and higher patrons.

One of the supplies covered in the PDF is fusible foam used in the bottom of the bag.

This helps the bag stand up ALL ON ITS OWN and hold just about anything you want to put inside.

Whitney Sews sewing how to
Some of you are probably wondering if a bag like this is hard to sew, especially if you’ve only sewn projects with straight seams. If you sew slowly and adjust the fabrics often to make sure they stay lined up it really isn’t difficult.  It’s a great project to practice curves because it’s gradual and consistent.

Check out the step by step tutorial HERE!

I would love to hear what you would use this bag for and what I should keep in mine!

That is all I have for this week, I’ll be back next Wednesday with another sewing how to.  Until then, Happy Sewing!