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A downloadable 4 page PDF pattern for the Willow Dress from Whitney Sews.  The PDF includes the pattern for the dress bodice along the cutting measurements.

There is a FREE corresponding step-by-step video tutorial for this dress HERE!  You will need to follow along with the video to make the dress.  *PDF does not include written directions*

This dress can be made using yardage or upcycled materials such as a button up shirt.

Dress fits chest measurement up to 22 inches


**As soon as you go through the purchasing process there is a link to click to download the PDF**



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  1. Laura Tomasso says:

    Hi Whitney! Have you see the dresses where you use a normal sized knit tank or shirt and you crop it and add fabric to the bottom to make it into a dress? Would love a tutorial on that! I’ve found a few, but you just have a gift of explaining things that I think would be such a help! I always get caught up when I’m joining the cotton fabric to the knit top (which is pretty much all the project is). Hoping you can help and share a tutorial.

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