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Hi everyone!  I’m Whitney and welcome to Whitney Sews!  Most of you all probably already know me from youTube where I’ve been posting tutorials, hauls, and more since May 2009.   You’re probably thinking 2009…that was so long ago, why are you just now getting a website together?!?  Well to tell you the truth, I started WhitneySews.com back in 2012.  At the time I had little interest in actually having a website, just felt it was something I should do.  So I slowly put less and less effort into it.  Then when my daughter Peyton was born (Jan 2015) I stopped even logging in to make posts.  I was getting farther and farther behind and felt it was too overwhelming to try to catch back up.  Fast forward to Summer 2016.  I now have a newborn named Skyler (April 2016) and Peyton is a toddler and I suddenly have the desire to give this website another try (as if I’m not busy enough…).


I decided to go ahead and delete all my old posts (except for the patterns – still available in the free patterns section on the menu).  The old posts felt like they lacked the inspiration that I hope this site will provide from here on out.

I’m very excited to be trying my hand at more web design and branding.  I’m learning everything as I go which makes it an adventure. Will it be perfect…probably not, but when is life ever perfect??

Starting now I hope to pair each video tutorial with addition project details in a corresponding blog post.  Sometimes I have more info to share than what can be crammed into a single video  I also want to start a Feature Friday section where I will share favorite projects from my channel and from other creators.

Thanks for stopping by and reading what I have to say!  I hope you like the changes I’m making and are as excited about the next chapter of Whitney Sews as I am!

Please take a second to join my email newsletter if you haven’t already (right hand column on the web page) so you get my new posts in your inbox.  Until next time, happy sewing!


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    • Whitney says:

      Thanks! I never stopped posting over on my youTube channel…just fell off the wagon when it come to this site. But I’m back at it again 🙂

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