Infinity Scarf with Hidden Zipper Pocket

Infinity Scarf with Hidden Pocket How to from Whitney Sews

I love the scarf I’m showing how to make this week!  It is cute and functional!  Not only can it keep you warm, but also hold your phone, ID, gloves, etc.  So handy when traveling or if you happen to be wearing jeans like mine with fake front pockets (why do they even bother?!?).

The scarf is simple to make and only involves a few steps.

To get started you need a zipper (8 to 11 inches) piece of fabric measuring about 18 x 70 inches.  I had a beautiful vintage piece of fabric I thrifted last year.  I’m not sure if it was a table cloth or a light weight throw blanket, but it had lovely tassels along two edges (that I saved!)  My fabric was long enough on it’s own, but if you are using regular yardage you need to get a full yard and cut it in half so it is two pieces measuring 18 inches (a half yard) by the width of the fabric (selvage to selvage).  Then put the two pieces right sides together and sew to attach along the 18 inch side.  You can then trim it down to 70 inches or leave it at it’s full length to make a longer scarf.

Hidden Pocket Infinity Scarf Video How to from Whitney Sews

Once your fabric is the right size you are ready to sew your scarf together!  Click HERE to follow the step-by-step how to video!

If you want to make an regular infinity scarf that doesn’t have the zipper you can follow the same instructions. Simply sew the entire seam instead of stopping short to add the zipper.

Want to try about another SUPER EASY zipper project??  Check out my 5 minute zipper pouch video!

Next Wednesday I’ll be back with another winter type tutorial that has been highly requested!  But before then I will have a haul about a new challenge I’m taking on and hope you will join me in!  Keep an eye out for all that or  subscribe to my youTube channel!

Happy Sewing!


  1. Debra says:

    Hey Whitney! Love the scarf idea. I got a light wt 100% linen skirt at the goodwill for about a $1 and I’m using it for this scarf. It has big bold earth tone flowers on it. I think this scarf idea is great for traveling when you need to keep your boarding pass, passport, phone, cash and credit cards as close to your person as possible. I also like that it is a recycle idea. I have been buying some really nice 100% wool sweaters at the goodwill for a dollar or so and taking them apart, reknitting them and selling them for $75. This price gives me a good return on my investment, give the purchase a good price and it helps decrease textile waste! The scarf idea I’m going to use for Christmas presents. I find the best fabrics at the Goodwill! Cashmere, Alpaca, Camel, Silk, Linen and lots of wools!

    Thanks again!

    • Whitney says:

      So glad you liked this idea, the material you plan to use sounds lovely! Would love to see a pic when you’re done. What a fantastic idea to reuse old sweaters for the yarn! My mom and I did that some when I was in college, but we were just doing it for fun and not making anything to sell. Sounds liken you have a great Goodwill near you!

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