Star Wars Quilt – DIY Inspiration

Some of you may remember the Star Wars quilt I mentioned designing in my last DIY Inspiration video.  I started working on it…and just couldn’t stop until it was finished!  I spent one week (about 25 working hours) on the quilt and it turned out so amazing!

The quilt features several Star Wars prints along with many low volume prints, all from my stash.  The backing also includes a few of the prints to help make the most out of my fabric yardage.

Check out the video HERE to hear more about this quilt!

BTW if you haven’t noticed the trend lately…I’m really into quilting right now!  I do have some other sewing projects in the works, but am loving quilting and following that motivation at the moment.   I started my first quilt when I was 14 and designed several quilts when I was 18.  At the time I didn’t even know how to piece together the designs I was sketching out.  But I’ve learned so much over the years that I can now easily figure out how to create those designs.  It is so exciting to see how far my sewing skills have come and actually make some of my original quilt designs.  I have a video coming in a few weeks where I’ll be showing how to make a mini quilt I designed in 2005 right after I graduated high school!  I can’t wait to share it soon!  Until next time, Happy Sewing!