Skyler’s Baby Quilt – DIY Inspiration

I’ve had a lot of people ask me over the years where I learned how to sew/where I get my talent from.  It is DEFINITELY from my mom!  She made a lot of my clothes when I was little and I remember standing next to her sewing table watching the pieces of fabric go under the presser foot and come out looking amazing.

My mom makes a unique quilt for each of her grandchildren and I love how precious they are.  I hope when my children are older they will have similar memories of having a mother/grandmother who sews and treasure their quilts.  Mom and I did a DIY Inspiration for Peyton’s Quilt last year.  So when we realized we never did one for Skyler’s quilt we grabbed my camera and started filming!

Watch the DIY Inspiration with my mom and I HERE!

My mom chose a fun design that alternates feature blocks of children’s prints with bright pinwheels.  It’s a great way to showcase fabrics you love and incorporate leftovers from your stash.

She also added a narrow flange of white fabric to serve as a small visual break between the busy blocks and border.  I’ve never incorporated a flange in any of my quilts, but I really want to now!

Of course my favorite part of the quilts are the custom labels my mom includes on the back.  This way everyone knows whose quilt it is and that is was made with love by grandma!

I hope you’ve enjoyed seeing Skyler’s quilt and hearing from my mom how she created it!

Many more quilt videos are coming soon, so make sure to subscribe!  Until next time, Happy Sewing!



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