Project Vlog – Butterick 6094 Mockup

I picked up Butterick 6094 back in May when a local store was going out of business.   I also found a beautiful rose print fabric that seemed perfect for the dress!  I showed them in a haul video HERE.  I was pretty nervous to cut into the fabric and knew I needed to be certain of the fit and construction before hand so it was crucial to make a mockup.

With my post 2 kids body I’m less and less sure about my size and fit than I ever have been.  So jumping right into making my final garment isn’t as much of an option these days.  Plus I wanted to make sure I understood all the pattern instructions since there were a few techniques I hadn’t done before.

A friend of mine gave me several bags of curtains from a house remodel and it was the perfect, free material to use for my mockup.

I vlogged the process in hopes that it would help some one else, or at least inspire someone else to give making a mockup a try.  Check out the video HERE!

In case you’re wondering…here is how the final dress turned out!

Stitch by stitch tutorial for butterick 6094

I’m super happy with the dress and will be sharing the stitch-by-stitch tutorial for it on Wednesday!  **Updated – watch the full tutorial HERE!**  Have you given Butterick 6094 a try?  Would love to hear how yours turned out!  Until Wednesday, Happy Sewing!