New Things Are Happening!

Cross Stitch Pattern

After getting back into cross stitch at Christmas, I quickly realized I LOVE designing my own patterns! I started with a rainbow purrmaid (cat mermaid) inspired by a book I read to my kids. Than the creativity floodgates burst wide open! I have now designed several other pieces (including a replica of my parents’ home) and LOVE stitching my own creations!

I’m obviously designing things I think are cute and I really enjoy, but I know I’m not the only one who will love them! So I have decided to relaunch my long neglected etsy shop. I haven’t sold on etsy in the past 4 years, but just yesterday I relaunched it with a new name! It is called Stitched With Whitney and my first cross stitch pattern is available for sale!

The Rainbow Purrmaid PDF includes full color stitching charts with pastel and primary color options and two different text layouts. Why did I include so many variations?? Because I couldn’t decide which I liked the most and if I can’t decide then I know other people will like having multiple options as well!

I have already designed and stitched several other patterns and can’t wait to start sharing them soon! I also started a Facebook group – Stitched With Whitney where you can keep up to date on my shop and see sneak peeks before anyone else! There are lots of other cute animal designs coming…

Until next time, Happy Sewing (and Stitching)!