Sew & Chat – Making Masks to Donate

Join me for a sew and chat while I make masks to donate to local clinics. These masks were requested to pass out to non-covid 19 patients (people dealing with allergies and that sort of thing) to wear in the office as well as to take home and wear as needed. The clinic requested masks made from two layers of cotton fabric and ties. I am using stash fabrics, thread, and other supplies to make as many as I can.

In the video I show the steps of making this style of mask along with many helpful tips. I also am chatting about how daily life is looking for us right now. Below the video you can find the written directions for the masks and a affiliate links for the supplies I’m using. There are many, many ways to make masks, this is just the style I am making. Grab a project to work on and join me while I sew!

Mask details –

  • The body pieces are cut to 6 x 8.5 inches (I show in the video how cut the fabric to get the best use)
  • The ties are made from 2 inch by 36 inch strips of fabric or extra wide double fold bias tape cut to 36 inches
  • Place two pieces of prewashed cotton fabric right sides together (feel free to add additional layers I’m only using 2 because that is what was requested)
  • Sew along the two long edges, backstitching at the beginning and ending
  • Flip to the right sides and press so the seams are lined up with the folds
  • Make two pleats along the length of the mask, each about a half inch deep, and clip in place
  • Sew along the short sides to hold the pleats in place
  • If using fabric for the ties iron in each long side by about a half inch (or just a little less) then fold in half and press again
  • Find the center of the tie and place the side of the mask there so the raw edges are tucked between the layers
  • Add a few clips to hold in place Start at one end of the tie and sew along the open folded edge across where the mask is inserted and all the way to the other end
  • Repeat for the second tie
  • Clip the threads and press the pleats and your mask is complete
  • The ties allow the mask to fit a variety of sizes and can be trimmed later if they are too long

Supplies Used –

I hope you enjoyed this sew & chat! Stay safe and Happy Sewing!