$15 Labyrinth Cosplay

Labyrinth Cosplay by Whitney Sews - Only cost $15!

It’s finally here…part 2 of my Labyrinth cosplay series!  If you missed part 1, where I showed all the items I picked up at the thrift store to make this cosplay, you can find it HERE.

This cosplay wasn’t like any I had taken on before, but was a fun experience!  I used a tablecloth, wedding petticoat, and a bridesmaids dress to create a full length skirt, underbustle, bodice, and sleeves.

Labyrinth Cosplay Supplies

Cost Breakdown of Materials

Tablecloth - $2.00

Petticoat - $3.50

Bridesmaid Dress - $3.50

Necklaces - $2.00

Flowers - $1.00

Beads - $3.00

Total - $15.00!

I used a couple of patterns along the way to help the process go quicker.  The first is a vintage wedding dress pattern that I used for the skirt.  The second is a pattern based on the final dress worn by Snow White in Mirror, Mirror (another movie I love and would like to cosplay!).  I used the front bodice pieces and Frankensteined it together with the beaded bodice of the bridesmaids dress.

Patterns used for Labyrinth Cosplay by Whitney Sews

There are tons of progress photos along with more finished costume pics in my corresponding video.  Click HERE to watch!

*In the video I spoke incorrectly and said the cosplay was made in about 10 hours.  It was actually closer to 18 hours.*

I hope you enjoyed hearing about the creative process as much as I loved actually creating this costume! I have a fun little zipper pouch project coming next week that you don’t want to miss.  Until then, Happy Sewing!