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Easter is rapidly approaching!  As a kid I loved getting an Easter basket full of goodies!  My parents never bought pre-made gift baskets; they would fill our baskets with goodies and things they picked out specifically for us.




Personalized gifts and baskets always mean so much because of the extra thought that goes into them.  If you need some ideas for DIY Easter baskets (or gift baskets in general) check out my video FULL of ideas.  Click HERE for the video.





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In the past I thought of prairie points as a sort of lame sewing technique (don’t hate me…).  Then a short time ago I was looking on flickr and saw someone using prairie points in their patchwork to make some really neat looking bags.  So I decided to give them another chance.




If you have no idea what prairie points are check out my basics video HERE!  I talk about what they are and show how to make them.



I wanted to incorporate prairie points into a tutorial to give you all even more ideas for them.  So meet my monster friend!  He has prairie point teeth and is super lovable!




Click HERE to learn how to make this little guy!


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Some of my favorite projects are the ones that are easy and have TONS of uses. My vinyl goodie bag tutorial is one of those.  The bags are pretty easy to make (especially if several are made at one time) and can be used to hold party favors, jewelry, little toys, makeup for on the go, crafting supplies, etc.




Because the bags have a large clear section it is easy to identify what is inside and the fabric top can be customized to fit any theme or preference you have.


I hope you will check out the tutorial HERE and that you like it!



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After carrying my Sunburst Tote for a couple of weeks I decided to make another sunburst paper pieced block, but smaller.  I hung it on the wall for a couple of days then decided it would make a perfect pieced zipper bag.


I combined techniques from my Pieced Tote Tutorial and the Zipper Bag Tutorials in my Etsy store to make the bag.  It turned out EXACTLY how I wanted!  I love it so much and now I have a matching Tote and Zip bag.





I posted a vlog about the bag, how I made it, and with lots of pics.  Check it out HERE!


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I love giving handmade gifts at baby showers!  For a recent baby shower I wanted to use some cute flannels I had and make a rag style baby quilt.




I started by cutting nine large squares for the front (three from each print) and nine squares for the back.  I was able to cut the squares out really quickly using a rotary cutter and ruler.  I have a basics video showing how to cut quick and accurate squares.  Click HERE to see it!



Once the squares were cut, the blanket is super easy and quick to sew together.  A fast project with really great results!  If you give this quilt a try you will love it!  Click HERE for the tutorial!




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I love making ATCs (Artist Trading Cards)!  I’ve seen people who will make a series of ATCs with a specific theme.  I rarely do that because I tend to make my cards using scraps with just whatever inspiration hits me.


I recently set a challenge for myself.  I had a sheet of circus stickers in my stash and decided to try and create several ATCs using those stickers as the focus.




The cards came out really cute and each one is different…but they all fit into the theme.




I made a video showing how I created one of my cards and included many pics of all five ATCs.  You can watch the video HERE!













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After I posted an easy, unlined tote bag tutorial last year I got TONS of requests for lined tote bags.  I kept putting it off because I wasn’t feeling the inspiration, but now it is here!


The first of the lined tote bag tutorials is just that – a basic lined tote bag.  They have an infinite amount of uses and I love having a few on hand all the time.


You can check out the lined tote tut HERE!



This next tote bag is possibly my favorite bag I have ever made (and I have made a lot of bags)!


I had a paper pieced block hanging on my wall for several months unsure what I wanted to do with it.  One day I was sitting in the floor of my sewing room thinking about the large tub of jeans in the garage that need to be used for something…and it all clicked!


I decided to make a sturdy tote bag that featured my rainbow sunburst block, with denim pieced around it to create the bag front.  I then sewed some quilting lines on it and made a useful, yet stylish tote.




The first sunburst tote was made on a whim and not filmed.  So when the pics got a great reaction on facebook and instagram, I decided to make another bag using the scraps from my last bunting project for the sunburst.  This is the bag I filmed for the tutorial.



You can find the featured block tote tutorial HERE!



Which bag is your favorite??


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A lot of the projects I create involve a template of some sort.  I usually just sketch them on paper and use them a time or two.  However if it is a project I make several times I like to have a sturdier template.


I found a plastic sheet in some junk mail a couple of years back.  It is about the thickness of stencil plastic.  I traced out the template I was using the most, cut it out, and now have a more permanent template instead of a paper cut out.




The plastic template is working great!  I’ve already used it several times.  If you have a template or pattern you need to use and use, over and over then you might want to give this a try.


Check out the video HERE for more details.



**You want to save your scraps after every project!  In my next post I’ll have a tutorial for a bag I made using scraps from the bunting in this project and a pair of jeans!**

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Last week I dressed Annie and Bandit up in their coats and we went out to play in the snow.  Annie enjoyed it and hopped around but Bandit didn’t like getting her tootsies cold and wet and was ready to go back in after only a minute or two.


I took some video and photos of the two and put them together into a little video.  I hope it puts a smile on your face :)   See the video HERE!


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Last year I posted a tutorial for a very basic unlined tote bag tutorial.  In that video I asked if anyone wanted a lined tote tutorial as well.  I didn’t really think that many people would be interested, but almost everyone said yes.


I put the tutorial off for a while because I wasn’t really feeling the inspiration.  Then the inspiration hit!  I saw some pics on instagram where people were featuring an interesting fabric for a project and I thought it was a great idea so I wanted to feature the sunburst paper piecing block I made for a past tutorial.  I have a tub full of jeans in the garage just waiting to be cut up for projects, so I grabbed a pair and went to work.


I ended up creating my new favorite project!  I can’t get enough of this tote because I love it so much!




The tote I made was intended to be a test run for a much more basic lined tote tutorial, but I showed a pic on facebook and instagram and everyone was requesting a tutorial on it.  So I was torn between just posting a basic lined tutorial tutorial like planned, or the more difficult pieced and quilted tote, or one of each.


So I decided to ask you all!  What would you like to see tutorials on??


To see more pics of my bag click HERE and leave your comment on what tutorials you want to see!