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I love making pillow shams.  They are a great way to quickly and cheaply change your decor.  One of the easiest ways to make a pillow sham is to use a button up shirt as the material.  The buttons provide the closure for the back and the shirt back then becomes the sham front.


For the tutorial I used a shirt of Jeremiah’s that he no longer wanted to wear.  You can use a shirt of your own or find a shirt at a thrift store that you like.




Click HERE to watch the video tutorial and find out how to make your own pillow shams!


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Jeremiah and I really love costumes – both making them and wearing them!  There is just something fun about getting to wear something you normally wouldn’t and taking on a character’s personality for a few hours.  That is what cosplay is all about it is costume-play.




Since this is something we really enjoy I decided to start a new series on my channel full of tips and tricks for other cosplayers from a former costumer standpoint.  I am by no means the best costumer in the world, but I have picked up a variety of knowledge and tricks over the years that I want to share with others.


The first video of the series is all about selecting the right fabrics for your costume.  I hope you check out the video HERE and let me know what you would like to see on the series in the future.



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A few years ago I made button flower art using an embroidery hoop, white cotton, buttons, and embroidery floss.  I got a lot of compliments on it, so I decided to make another project inspired by it and show you all how it’s done!


For this version I used a wooden photo frame from the dollar store and wrapped my fabric around it like a canvas would be made.




This project is easy and super easy to customize with the colors, size, and number of flowers.  I hope you will check out the tutorial HERE and give it a try!


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A while back I did a tote bag series on my channel.  The last tutorial included using a paper pieced block as the focal point for one of the totes.




Since then I have made a few more of the bags with different designs at the feature.  I wanted to share those blocks in a video to offer some extra inspiration to anyone wanting to make one of the bags (or any other project with a feature block).


Click HERE to see the video!


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I purchased a beautiful beaded necklace at the Medieval Faire this year.  After wearing the necklace only twice I knew the adjustable knot closure had to be changed.  So I decided to use some wire and simple wrapping techniques to create a sturdier closure.  It turned out really great so I wanted to share it in a tutorial.


Click HERE to see the video tutorial.



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Several years ago I was introduced to an amazing website full of incredible, scrappy, pieces that are so inspiring to look at.  Since then I have been wanting to make a skirt inspired by the ones on the site.


For this year’s medieval faire I finally got the perfect inspiration…I started the skirt late the night before the faire and made a super fun and scrappy skirt.




If you want to see more details of the skirt and how I made it then click HERE!



**Click HERE to see other ways I style my corset!**


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Now that I have a part-time job at a thrift store I sometimes acquire random things…like 41 pant legs cut off ‘mom jeans’ (have no idea where the mate for the last pair ended up).


I am now on a mission to come up with lots of projects I can use the recycled denim on.  This project uses denim on the underside of the fabric bowl and a printed cotton on the inside.  The bowl is perfect for holding keys, loose change, buttons, etc. The project is really easy and can be made in any size.




Check out the tutorial HERE!


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A year or so ago my dad bought me two vintage curtains at a thrift store.  They were really cool – printed with different trains and train signs.  I was saving them; trying to come up with just the right project.  I had been considering them for a feature segment on a corduroy bag, but after a lot of thinking decided the print was too large and too busy for a bag.


About three months ago I shared a pic of the fabric on instagram and someone commented that it would make a great skirt for my steampunk costume.  The idea didn’t really stick with me, until a short time ago when I was inspired with a certain skirt shape.




Once the idea of the shape was in my mind the entire project fell into place!  I jumped right into making the skirt and it turned out so awesome!




I filmed enough of the process that I was able to put together a tutorial of my impromptu project.   You can find that tutorial HERE!



I hope you love the project as much as I love my new skirt!

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Over the years I have used fusible interfacing and fusible fleece in several of my tutorials.  On each one I will get at least one comment asking if the interfacing can be left out of the project.  Almost every time the answer is no.


I made a sewing basics video all about interfacing and fusible fleece.  I show examples of each, projects made using them, and a project that needed to have interfacing.  I hope it helps answer some of the questions I’ve received.


Check out the video HERE!


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Easter is rapidly approaching!  As a kid I loved getting an Easter basket full of goodies!  My parents never bought pre-made gift baskets; they would fill our baskets with goodies and things they picked out specifically for us.




Personalized gifts and baskets always mean so much because of the extra thought that goes into them.  If you need some ideas for DIY Easter baskets (or gift baskets in general) check out my video FULL of ideas.  Click HERE for the video.