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Last year I made Jeremiah a Tenzin cosplay (from Legend of Korra) for him to wear to a local convention.  This year I made a corresponding cosplay for myself as Pema (Tenzin’s wife).  My costume was a last minute idea and made in only 3.5 hours, the night before I attended my first con.  It was a really fun experience and I wanted to share it with you all!




I vlogged about my first cosplay and con experience, including meeting the lead voice actor from Legend of Korra.  Click HERE to check it out!



I also filmed putting on Jeremiah’s blue arrow makeup.  So if you want to see how that is done click HERE!



And lastly, I walk you through the process of making every piece for my cosplay.  Click HERE to learn more about that!



I couldn’t have asked for a better first time cosplay experience and can’t wait to make another cosplay for myself!


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I’ve been getting tons of things in the mail lately so I wanted to share the unboxings with you all!  I hope you enjoy seeing what all has been sent for Baby Peyton!


First up is a huge box of baby themed fabrics.


Click HERE to see the fabric!



Next is two batches of gifts from our baby registry.


Click HERE to see the first and HERE for the second!




We are very thankful for every single thing that has been sent!  It really means the world to us!

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It is so crazy to see how quickly things can progress and change during pregnancy!  Because of that I’m trying to post update vlogs regularly…to update you all and to have as something to look back at later.


In both of my latest vlogs I show off the baby bump and answer some questions you all have asked.


Click HERE to see my 30 week update!



Click HERE to see my 32 week update…and find out what we are naming our baby!


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It’s never too early to start thinking about the holidays and getting prepared for them (especially when pregnant and due within days of Christmas!)  For that reason I have already kicked off my holiday tutorials for 2014!


This first tutorial is for very easy stuffed fabric ornaments.  I used some cute Charlie Brown fabric for mine that matches the tree skirt I made last year, but any fabric you like would work.


Click HERE to learn how to make your own fabric ornaments!


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I have a craft fair coming up soon so I put together a little sewing kit-to-go so I would have some projects to work on during any down time.  For my kit I used a triple-layer snap apart plastic box, this allows me to keep my basics on one level and project supplies in the other.


Check out my sewing kit and what all I included HERE!



What projects do you take on the go??

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I was getting a lot of requests for pregnancy update videos…so here’s the first! I talk about how I’m feeling, plans for cloth diapering, and a few other things.


Check out the pregnancy update HERE!



If you have questions or things you want me to cover in my next update video leave them in the comments below.


I’m still trying to find the cloth diaper style that I like the most, so I picked up a few more cloth diapering supplies recently.


Want to see what all I bought??  Click HERE for the haul!



Since filming my haul video I made another cloth diaper.  It is a pocket diaper with PUL as the outer later and upcycled flannel on the inside.  I haven’t made the inserts yet to go inside the pocket.


Here’s a little sneak peek of how the diaper turned out :)  It’s not perfect, but I had fun making it!






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I love finding creative ways to package small items that I sell or give as gifts!  I think having fun and creative packaging makes it like getting two gifts instead of just one.


I was recently thinking about some bead and wire bird nest charms I had made in the past and was inspired to use the charms along with some pretty floral trim to decorate a small plastic container.  It turned out super cute and I wanted to share how easy it was with you all.


Click HERE to learn how to make the bird nest charm!



Click HERE to see how I used the charm to decorate my container!




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Fall is here and Halloween is on its way, so bring on the projects!




I started off the season with a DIY Trick-or-Treat bag made using french seams, but don’t let the french seams fool you…it’s an easy project to make!


Click HERE to find the treat bag tutorial!



Next up is a fun paper piecing block designed to look like a well known Halloween treat…Candy Corn!  The block is simple to sketch out (all directions given in video) and to sew together.




Click HERE to learn how to make the candy corn block.



Once you create your block (or blocks) you can create a mug rug, mini quilt, feature block tote bag, or a table runner.  I created three of the blocks and added sashing and a backing to create a table runner that is perfect for using all through October and November.


You can find the table runner tutorial HERE!



I love doing all different types of crafting and DIY, even if I’m not a pro at all of them.  One of the DIYs I enjoy is painting.  I’m not great at it, but I’m getting better and have a lot of fun with it.


In THIS tutorial I show how I create a really neat sunset backdrop then add tree silhouettes to it.  I hope you like the video and the painting and give it a try!


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Jeremiah and I love going to garage sales to find great deals and fun items.  Last weekend we went to a few garage sales and I did a little haul video to show what we found.


Check out my haul video HERE!



Then following that same theme I also wanted to share some of my tips for finding items to repurpose at the thrift store (or garage sales!).  I love using clothing and other items as low-budget materials for my DIYs!


Click HERE to find my thrifting tips!



Feel free to share your own tips for thrifting in the comments below :)