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Jeremiah and I love going to garage sales to find great deals and fun items.  Last weekend we went to a few garage sales and I did a little haul video to show what we found.


Check out my haul video HERE!



Then following that same theme I also wanted to share some of my tips for finding items to repurpose at the thrift store (or garage sales!).  I love using clothing and other items as low-budget materials for my DIYs!


Click HERE to find my thrifting tips!



Feel free to share your own tips for thrifting in the comments below :)


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When a friend told me that the nursery theme for their new baby boy was lions I couldn’t help but come up with a DIY!  I went to my sewing room and sketched out a little lion and figured out how to turn that design into a plushie.




It turned out super cute so I wanted to share the pattern and tutorial with you all!




Click HERE to find the free pattern!


Click HERE to watch the full tutorial!



BTW if you haven’t already watch THIS video full of important news and info for the upcoming year…you NEED to watch it.  Trust me ;)



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Many of you all know that I LOVE reading!  When I was in elementary and middle school I would come home from school, curl up on the loveseat, and read a book every afternoon.  I still love reading, so I wanted to use some of my pretty fabric scraps to make a cute bookmark.  It looks so adorable and inviting sticking out the edge of my books, inviting me to open the book and read some more!




The bookmarks are very easy to make, but look so great!


Check out the tutorial HERE to see how to make your own bookmark!



**I also have a reading channel where I post audiobooks that I narrate, along with the corresponding text on-screen.   If you want to check it out and listen to my audiobooks click HERE!**

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Well…it’s that time of year again.


Back-to-School Time.


In honor of back-to-school I decided to create an easy pencil bag project.  This bag is perfect for keeping all of your pens, pencils, markers, etc. all together and it can even be attached into a three-ring binder.



The pencil bag is quick and easy to make and tons of fun to customize with your favorite colors or school colors.


Click HERE to find the tutorial!



Since I LOVE school supplies I took advantage of some sales this year and picked up some new supplies for myself.  I love everything I got and wanted to share it in a little haul video.


Click HERE to watch my supplies haul.


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I’ve mentioned many times on my channel that I love shopping at thrift stores!  You never know what interesting things you will find and can get some great deals.  So after watching some other youTubers do a tag called the Nifty Thrifty Tag I decided to do it too.  I hope you’ll check the video out and if you love thrifting feel free to do the tag too.


Click HERE to watch the video!


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Almost a year ago I posted THIS vlog showing a DIY purse I had made on a whim for myself.  After that I got a TON of requests for a tutorial.  I kept putting it off because purses take a lot longer to sew then most of the projects I do…and because they make such loooong tutorials.


However I finally bit the bullet!  I made a new version of the purse (slightly altered from the first) and created a tutorial for it.


Just for fun I used a ton of upcycled materials for the purse.  I used a pair of jeans, a button up shirt, a vintage placemat, a belt, a leather jacket and a few other supplies to create a fun and unique looking purse.




I hope you’ll check out the tutorial HERE!


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I love making pillow shams.  They are a great way to quickly and cheaply change your decor.  One of the easiest ways to make a pillow sham is to use a button up shirt as the material.  The buttons provide the closure for the back and the shirt back then becomes the sham front.


For the tutorial I used a shirt of Jeremiah’s that he no longer wanted to wear.  You can use a shirt of your own or find a shirt at a thrift store that you like.




Click HERE to watch the video tutorial and find out how to make your own pillow shams!


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Jeremiah and I really love costumes – both making them and wearing them!  There is just something fun about getting to wear something you normally wouldn’t and taking on a character’s personality for a few hours.  That is what cosplay is all about it is costume-play.




Since this is something we really enjoy I decided to start a new series on my channel full of tips and tricks for other cosplayers from a former costumer standpoint.  I am by no means the best costumer in the world, but I have picked up a variety of knowledge and tricks over the years that I want to share with others.


The first video of the series is all about selecting the right fabrics for your costume.  I hope you check out the video HERE and let me know what you would like to see on the series in the future.



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A few years ago I made button flower art using an embroidery hoop, white cotton, buttons, and embroidery floss.  I got a lot of compliments on it, so I decided to make another project inspired by it and show you all how it’s done!


For this version I used a wooden photo frame from the dollar store and wrapped my fabric around it like a canvas would be made.




This project is easy and super easy to customize with the colors, size, and number of flowers.  I hope you will check out the tutorial HERE and give it a try!