Handmade Holiday Gift Guide

Handmade Holiday Gift Guide full of ideas and how tos from Whitney Sews


It’s time again for a new Handmade Holiday Gift Guide!  I love doing this videos where I recommend handmade items that would make great gifts for the upcoming holidays.

You can find the video full of all the handmade ideas HERE!

This year’s ideas are mostly geared toward the females, but don’t worry, I have a playlist full of HHGGs from previous years!  You can find that playlist HERE!

I hope this has given you some great ideas for gifts to make for the special people in your life!  You can also follow me on Pinterest if you want even more great ideas!  You can find me HERE!

I would love to know what you all are making this year (both gifts and decor) so feel free to let me know in the comments.  Until next time, Happy Sewing!


DIY Snowman Mini Quilt

DIY Snowman Mini Quilt how to from Whitney Sews. Perfect edition to your Christmas decor!


It’s time for another Holiday How to!  This week I show how to make a mini quilt to match the painting from last week.

Snowman Mini Quilt Supplies

To make the quilt you need

  • 1/2 yard of blue cotton
  • 1/3 yard of tone on tone white cotton
  • 1/3 yard of cotton for backing
  • Small piece of orange cotton
  • 2 yards of light to medium weight fusible interfacing
  • Black felt or buttons for the eyes and mouth
  • Spray basting – http://amzn.to/29JmFex
  • Batting – http://amzn.to/29erX4u
  • Walking foot – http://amzn.to/2fIN65l


Once you have your supplies you are ready to get started!  Click HERE to see the full how to!

Small quilted projects like this are perfect for practicing a variety of skills!  If you want to try some other quilted projects you can check them all out in my playlist HERE!

As I mentioned earlier, this mini quilt was completely inspired by my snowman painting I shared last week.  It was a fun challenge to see how similar I could make them!

Matching Snowman Painting and Mini Quilt with how tos by Whitney Sews

You can find the snowman painting how to HERE!

There are more Holiday How tos and quilting projects coming, so make sure to hit that subscribe button on youTube.  Next week will be a unique Christmas ornament idea so come back for that. Until then, Happy Sewing!




DIY Snowman Painting – Holiday How To

DIY Snowman Painting how to from Whitney Sews. Perfect edition to your Christmas decor!

It’s that time of year again!  The time for Christmas and Winter DIYs!  I am so excited about everything I have planned for the next few weeks!  You actually get TWO awesome Holiday How tos this week (more on that below)!

To kick off the holiday how tos I show how to make a simple but adorable snowman painting.

Snowman Painting - Holiday How to from Whitney Sews

You can use any piece of scrap lumber you can find, an old wooden cutting board, a deconstructed pallet, a canvas, or whatever you want .  Once you have picked what your snowman will be on, gather up a few basic painting supplies and you’re ready to start.Snowman Painting Supplies

Then watch the easy to follow painting tutorial and start painting your snowman.  Click HERE to find the how to!

As I mentioned earlier, you get two how tos this week!  That’s because I teamed up with Arianna Pflederer for a Christmas DIY collab! Arianna is a mom with two daughters who are the same ages as my two girls (22 months and 7 months)!  She shares her perspective about being a mom and wife as well as some DIYs on her youTube channel.

Snowflake string art - Holiday how to

Arianna made a beautiful snowflake string art piece for our collab!  I know you’ll want to check out her video to learn how to make it. You can find that video HERE!

I hope you enjoyed both of these holiday decor ideas!  Next week I’ll be showing how to create a mini quilt identical to my snowman painting (or yours if you paint your own)!  So make sure to subscribe and come back for that.

Until then, Happy Sewing!


Happy Birthday Mickey Mouse!

Steamboat Willie Mickey Mouse (1928)

I happen to notice last week that my Mickey Mouse calendar had today marked as Mickey Mouse’s birthday.  So I looked it up and sure enough, this day in 1928 Mickey made his first appearance on the big screen as Steamboat Willie.

Since then he has appeared in 21 short films, 10 full length films, and 5 television series (with one more coming next year).

I don’t think you can find a single person in the U.S. who doesn’t at least know who Mickey is.  My not-quite two year old knows him (even though we don’t have the Disney channel or cable).


In honor of Mickey I wanted to share my Mickey Stencil How to.  It’s a quick and easy painting project (that takes zero painting skills!) that is a great way to show Mickey some birthday love!

You can find the video tutorial HERE!

Interested in seeing my huge Disney Store Haul from earlier this year?  Check that video out HERE!

I hope Mickey has a wonderful 88th birthday and I hope you have a great weekend!


Mickey photo source.

Recover a Padded Chair | How to

How to Easily Recover a Padded Folding Chair - video tutorial from Whitney Sews


A few years ago I picked up a great sewing table and padded chair at a garage sale.  I have used both countless times since then and the vinyl on the chair started to split open.  After several months of intending to recover the seat I fiiiiinally got around to it…and it turned out perfect!

Chair redo before and after by Whitney Sews

I used a quatrefoil printed laminated cotton that I found on clearance at Hobby Lobby.  It’s durable and can be wiped clean when needed.

The recovering process is really simple.  I only recovered the seat itself and left the back rest as is since it was still in good shape.

Padded chair makeover before and after.  Full how to from Whitney Sews.

Click HERE to watch the full step-by-step tutorial!

If you have dining room chairs in need of a makeover check out the video where I show how to do that.  You can find that tutorial HERE!

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Next Wednesday I have a fun painting DIY that will be the first of my Christmas/Holiday DIYs!  I have several planned for this year that I hope you all will like!  Until next time, happy sewing!




Quilted Zipper Pouch How to


Sometimes I buy fabrics that I love, but have no idea what I’m going to do with them. Lately I have been trying my best to use things that have been sitting in my sewing room too long (more on that goal later). So for this bag I used two beautiful prints I was saving and it turned out lovely and perfect!

I designed this bag to be quilted and bound like an actual quilt, but has all the functionality of a regular zipper bag. So it is a great project if you want to practice some basic quilting skills.

Piece Measurements:
Bag Back – Outer | Lining | Batting
9 x 8 inches
Bag Front Upper – Outer | Lining | Batting
9 x 2 inches
Bag Front Lower – Outer | Lining | Batting
9 x 6 inches
2 1/4 inches x Width of Fabric

Other Supplies:
9 inch zipper & coordinating thread

I chose to use white flannel as my batting, mostly because I have tons of it and it’s easy to work with but use whatever you have available. Once your pieces are all cut out follow my step-by-step video tutorial to but your bag together.

Click HERE to find the full how to!

If you want to learn how to make some other bags check out my playlist full of easy bag projects. You can find those videos HERE!

DIY Disney Princess Mini Quilt FREE How to from Whitney Sews

Or if you’re interested in my other quilting tutorials you can find that playlist HERE!

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I hope you all have a lovely week and until next Wednesday, Happy Sewing!


Midweek Sneak Peek – Nov 2

Sometimes things don’t go as planned…that seems to be the the story of my life this last week and a half!  It started with a busted camera lens and finished up with Skyler coming down with a terrible stomach bug and dehydration.

Busted camera filter and jammed lens

Because of all that I need to take a week off from my regularly scheduled tutorials.  Thankfully Skyler is doing better and a lens can be replaced, so life (and Whitney Sews) will move on after I’ve had my break.  But I didn’t want to leave you all completely hanging without a little update, so HERE it is!

You can find out a little more of what I’ve been up to and see what next week’s tutorial will be.  Click HERE to see it!

I’m so excited about next week’s project, so I hope it’s worth the wait for you all!

Oh, back to the subject of the busted camera lens.  I will be needing to replace it, and there’s a way you all can help without costing you anything!  I am an Amazon Affiliate, so if you use my custom link to purchase ANYTHING on Amazon it helps support Whitney Sews.  I earn a small percentage for each purchase made using the custom link and those funds help me purchase supplies (in this case camera equipment) that then benefits you in the form of more and better how tos!  It doesn’t cost you anything at all, but is a huge help to me.  I’m sure a lot of you will be ordering presents and supplies online for the holidays so please consider using my custom link for any Amazon purchases!  Thank you so much for everyone who has already used it!

Here is the actual link – https://www.amazon.com/?ie=UTF8&tag=whitsews-20 


Ok. I think that is it for this week.  I’m trying to get my sewing room more organized, so I’m off to work on that then back to filming more videos for you all!  Until next week, Happy Sewing!


Raccoon Costume – DIY Inspiration

Raccoon Halloween Costume DIY Inspiration from Whitney Sews


This year for Halloween we wanted to make use of the fox costume I made for Peyton last year (it finally fits) so we decided to go for a woodland theme!  Skyler is dressing as a raccoon, Jeremiah is a lumberjack, and I was going to be a gnome, but ran out of time and am wearing my Totoro costume instead.

I used a thrifted one piece outfit for the base of Skyler’s costume then added the tummy patch on and made a hat.  The hat turned out smaller than it was supposed to because I added so much on it, but it’s still cute!

Check out the video HERE to see more pics of the costume and Skyler!

If you missed any of my Halloween videos for this year, you can find them all HERE!

Next week we are getting back to regular sewing videos and I have a quilted zipper pouch how to that I know you will LOVE!  Until then, happy sewing!


Star Wars Family Costumes

Star Wars Family Costumes by Whitney Sews

Since I’m on a Star Wars buzz from making my Rey costume and all the Rouge One details I wanted to share the Star Wars costumes we made and wore last Halloween!

I’ve been a Star Wars fan for years, but my hubby LOVES Star Wars, so when our first Halloween idea didn’t work out we decided to throw together some Star Wars costumes.

I chose to create Leia’s outfit from when she was on Endor in Return of the Jedi.  I used a duvet cover I thrifted for under $6 for the materials!

Princess Leia and Ewok DIY Costumes by Whitney Sews

You can check out all the Leia costume details and progress photos HERE!

We of course HAD to dress Peyton up as Wicket the Ewok!

Wicket the Ewok Costume How to from Whitney Sews

She was the cutest ewok ever if you asked me (though I might be a bit bias)!  It was super easy to make starting with a store bought bear costume.  HERE is the exact one that I used.


After we had the bear costume I created the hood using some orange stretchy fabric (you can use an old t-shirt).  I did a full how to on it that you can find HERE!

Once mine and Peyton’s costume were done we just had to worry about Jeremiah’s.  Since there aren’t many people in Star Wars that are bald with facial hair, he decided to go as a generic Jedi.  He made a Jedi top using THIS Simplicity pattern.

He paired it with a gi top, cloak, khaki pants, and boots, all things he already owned.

Jedi and Ewok DIY Costumes

We had such a fun time dressing up as a family and I look forward to doing so many, many, many more times!  I posted a little vlog about Peyton’s first Halloween with more details about out costumes.  You can find it HERE!

In January I decided I just HAD to create a Rey costume from The Force Awakens and it took everything in me to wait until Halloween (it did help that I was pregnant and nothing fit at the time).  I made the costume and LOVE it so much!  I can’t wait to wear it to some local Star Wars events!

DIY Rey Star Wars Costume How to from Whitney Sews

Want to learn how to make your own Rey costume?  Check out the full FREE how to HERE!

My hubby loves Star Wars so much I made him a Star Wars pillowcase!  It is a super easy and quick project to sew together with only 3 seams.  You can find the full pillowcase how to HERE!

Star Wars Pillowcase How to from Whitney Sews

Do you dress up for Halloween as an entire family?  What are your plans for this year?  I want to hear all about them!  Until next time, Happy Sewing!



DIY Rey Costume – Star Wars: The Force Awakens

DIY Rey Star Wars Costume How to from Whitney Sews

I’m so excited to finally get to share the Rey costume from Star Wars: The Force Awakens!  I have been planning this costume for 10 months and it turned out exactly like I wanted!

In my last post I showed all the supplies I picked up for the costume for under $10.  If you haven’t seen that post already you can check it out HERE!

Once you have your basic supplies from the thrift store throw them in the wash and you’re ready to DIY.  The costume involves minimal sewing (can be no sew if you prefer to use fabric glue!) and limited crafting skills.

Rey costume with light saber from Whitney Sews

The costume is really as simple as cutting the sleeves off your shirt.  Cutting a sheet into strips and sewing them end to end. Then cut belts down to size and add plastic buckles with a strong glue.

Check out the full DIY video HERE!  In the video I show step-by-step how to create your own Rey costume from thrifted supplies and offer suggestions for a few variations.

After your costume is complete it’s time for some hair and makeup.  The is NOT my area of expertise, so I had my friend Angela come over to help.

Rey costume and stylist

We used THIS tutorial to help use get the hairstyle just right.  We also added a couple of loose curls to the hair that frames my face. If you don’t already have brown hair you can opt for an affordable wig instead.  Then you can style it once and wear as many times as you want.

Rey triple bun Star Wars hair from Whitney Sews

For the makeup we did a very light layer of foundation then some highlighting on my upper cheeks as well as on the inner corners of the eyes.  We used a very neutral eyeshadow and blush then a nice pinkish lipstick, making sure to apply more in the center.  Rey has a very natural look so you want your makeup to have that ‘no makeup’ look to it.

Rey hair and makeup

I wanted to share some exciting news really quick, my friend Angela recently published her second book!  It is the first in a series of fairy tale adaptations.  I LOVE these types of books and have read a ton of them so I was super excited when I got to read Angela’s!  It’s a adventures retelling of the classic fairy tale The Princess and the Pea.  You can check out the book HERE!

Anyway, back to Rey!  We had an awesome photoshoot at a local park!  My hubby, Jeremiah, took the pics while Angela helped out with the kiddos.  I wore my costume for several hours (for the photoshoot and then we ended up going shopping and out to dinner before I had a chance to change).  We ended up at the Disney Outlet Store and some of the employees liked the costume.

Before wearing it again I will probably add either a little strip of elastic to the drapes at the shoulders or sew a gathering stitch then attach a little velcro to the drapes and shoulders of the shirt.  I will probably also add some velcro to the arm wraps to make it easier to keep them in place.DIY Rey costume from Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Full FREE how to from Whitney Sews

There is a large local group that dresses up in Star Wars costumes and goes to local events (mostly for charities), so I do plan on wearing this costume several more times.  But for a one time use such as Halloween you can make and wear the costume exactly as shown in the video.

Next week I have one last Halloween themed video all about the costume my youngest daughter Skyler will be wearing for her first Halloween.  It is super cute so you definitely want to see it!  Until then, Happy Sewing!